The Societies' 2017 Monthly Image Competition

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2016 Monthly Image Competition Results
2017 Monthly Image Competition Results

Monthly Image Competition Rules and Guidelines | Category Definitions

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(punk) (jump) (woman) (rock) (tattoo) (body) (beard) 11days 2017 monthly image competition 85mm abstract abstract, wildlife, nature, uae accessories, ascot, background, beautiful, beauty, black, blue, cheek, diamond, earring, girl, glasses, hat, holding, lady, make-up, mesh, mouth, royal ascot, royal enclosure, skin, sunglasses, teeth, woman action adelie penguin, animal, antarctic, antarctica, babies, bird, brown bluff, chicks, flightless, floes, group, ice, jumping, nature, penguin, pygoscelis adeliae, rocks, two, wildlife, young alaska, animals, bear, brooks camp, brooks falls, brown bear, catching, falls, fish, fishing, grizzly, grizzly bear, katmai, predator, river, salmon, united states, water, waterfall, wildlife alt alviechurch america, grand canyon and anhinga,snakebird,bird,everglades,florida animal animal, bird, black, brazil, chilean flamingo, close-up, dark background, feathers, head, iguacu, iguassu, iguazu, nature, neck, phoenicopterus chilensis, pink, plumage, wader, wading bird, white, wildlife animal, dog, pet animals, butterfly, close-up, daisy, flower, green, insect, moth, petals, white, wildlife, yellow apple approach arc de triomphe architecture architecture photography, london architecture architecture, blue, building, domes, haze, horizon, india, mausoleum, mist, river, taj mahal, tomb architecture, building, buildings, cityscape, hong kong, skyline, skyscrapers, sunny, trees, victoria harbour, victoria peak, water architecture, mexico, mexico city, building, design, architect arctic, black, black and white, cliffs, clouds, glacier, ice, landscape, mono, mountains, snow, spitsbergen, svalbard, white art art nude artistic artists atlantic attitude autumn avant avant garde avant garde hair avant garde, portrait, beauty, model avant guarde awg b&w baby baby boy baby bulldog, bulldog puppy, pampered pet baby photography baby&#039 baby, maternity baby, mono, high key, minimalist backlit, bodrum, droplets, flyboarder, leaning, silhouette, turkey, water, watersports, waves badenochandstrathspey balck bald eagle bamburgh castle baptism bat girl, raglan castle beach beak beam beanbag beard, bearded, black, black and white, busker, busking, close-up, face, grey, hat, head, knitted, mono, moustache, music, musical instrument, musician, old, outdoor, park, playing, saxophonist, scarf, trees, white, woollen, woolly beating cancer beautiful beauty beauty, beautiful beauty, fine art, model, photographer beauty, portrait, female beauty, portrait, model, photographer beauty,prom,portrait,reflection,teenager bee belfast belfast alternative fashion week big hair big sister bird bird of prey bird, shorebird, composition, short-billed dowitcher bird, wildlife, gannet birds birds, common loon, baby, chick, adorable birthday,toy,children black black and white black and white portrait black and white, portrait, studio, one light black, bow, cream, fascinator, girl, hat, portrait, redhead, top, woman black, brim, girl, hand, hat, portrait, redhead, ribbon, smiling, woman black, white, street blackandwhite blackpool blandford,sunrise,bridge,river,stour blossom blossoms blowing blue blue eyes blue sky bluebell bluecampaign:scotland boas boat, water boatang body bodypaint bodyscape bokeh book boudoir boudoir, erotic, beauty, woman, bed, sheets, lady, female, boudoir, france, location, portrait, dress, lady boudoir, piano, beauty boudoir, women bouffant hair box hill boxer boxing boy boy judo mean boy, cap, child, close-up, cute, family, happy, hat, ice-cream, laughing, little, people, portrait, red, school uniform, schoolboy, smiling, sweater, tie, young boyhood brenizer bridal party bridal preparations bridesmaids bride bride, groom, bridegroom, wedding, dress, st paul&#039 bride, wedding bride, wedding, couple bride, wedding, portrait, bride,car,wedding,white,old, bridesmaids bridge bridge, black, white, architecture, uae, abu, dhabi bridge,red building,long,exposure, curves bump bump photography burgundy burlesque butterflies butterfly calm calming candles candlesticks canis familiaris, canis lupus familiaris, dog, england, gundog, hungarian pointer, hungarian vizsla, indoors, interior, magyar vizsla, pet, pointer, reigate, sofa, surrey, united kingdom, vizsla canon car car-lights carriage carshalton ponds carshalton village castle castle, infrared, caerphilly, dusk, mono, moat, water, lake, cat cat, kitten, portrait caterpillar cathedral cats eyes catwalk celebration, toast, friends, event, bar, alcohol, ceremony champs-elysees charlie chaplin cheddar chelsea cherish chid, vintage, classic, timeless child child&#039 child, fascination, exploring child, portriat children children, childrens portrait children, girl, pearl, necklace children,baby,smile,vibrant children,fairy, woods childrens portrait chimp, chimpanzee, edinburgh zoo, monochrome, feeding, portrait, scotland, zoo, captive, ape china varse china, yangtze, river christening christianmacleod church city city hall classic classical classical wedding image bovey castle greenery devon cliffs climbing close-up closeup coast coastline cochem colin steele, trumpeter, live, music, gig, concert, event, glasgow color colorful colour colourful commercial commercial photography competition composition concert contrast cool corfe,castle,dorset,jurassiccoast,uk corporate corset cosplayireland cosplayphotographer couple couple,love,portrait court cowie cretaive crisis cross country curls curves cute cyborg dance dance, mono, movement, cellar, arch ceiling, model, dance, movement, dark dartmoor daughter daughter, family, camera, dog, child, girl, hay, haybales, rural dave henshaw dawn day department_of_the_environment derbyshire desert designer designers deveon devon digial art digital digital art digital painting do,pets,man best friend, docherty documentary dofe dog dog, portrait, gsp, pet drama dramatic dreggie drone drums duncan taylor dungeness dungeness road dymchurch eagle eating eaves hall ebbing_tide edf energy edinburgh editorial eggs, malta, children, baby egret,bird,fishing, elegance elegant endangered english_channel environmental environmental portrait, candlelit, birthday, wishes, love equestrian eurasian otter, river otter, cub, baby, juvenile, wildlife, nature, borders, scotland, kelso, lutra lutra eveningwear event experimental eyeliner eyes eyes&#039 face face painting fairytale fakefur falls road family family talk fantasy farne fashion fashion photography, belfast, northern ireland fashion, style, men, editorial, campaign fashion, winter father father again father of the bride fear feather feathers februarycompetition feeding female fine art fineart firefly, children first dance fishing flamingo fledgling floral floral hall florida flower flower, fine art, portrait, nude, water, submerged flower, ring, engagement, rings, macro, flowergirl flowers flying saucers, gold cape, model,sun, fog, nature foggy football forest foss fountain france francis crick francis crick institute, crick london freckles frome frontcover frost full body paint, nude, studio fuming fun furs, fashion, project, advertising future, modern, tube station, southwark, modernist, alien, gannet, bassrock,eastlothian,flight,wildlife,nature,outdoors,nikon garde garden garlic garlic, food, close-up, detail, gasmodelmanagement gate geology germany giants causeway gift gig girl girl, child, window, monochrome, matte, face, sad, lonely, girl, children, rose, pearl, necklace girl, magic, dream, story girl,shoes,chaise, lounge girls glamour glas bol glass glass ball god golden golden hour gorge gouda grantown on spey groom group shot grouse, red grouse, heather, peak district, groynes gt4 guests gull, flight, flying, glasgow, queens park, scotland, wildlife, nature handbag happiness happy harland & wolff hat head and shoulders headshot heritage heron, fishing, weir high quality highland highland wildlife park highlands highlight hill hills history hogland holland hollywood inspired portrait, female portrait, studio portrait, black and white portrait, monochrome portrait, honeywood honeywood museum horizon horizontal hornbill, bird, wildlife horse, friend, pet, horse, sunset, natural horses horst p horst hot hunting iceland iceracing, landscape, finland image industrial industry innocence innovative inverness island italian jenny south photography john mcguinness jos schurgers, gp, motorsport joy jumping karate, master, performing kata, goju-ryu kent kenya king alfed&#039 kingdom kings kiss kreuger krisztian sipos ladida ladies lady lady, bigger size, gorgeous, beautiful lake plastiras lakedistrict lakes landscape landscape, golf, moody, tee, tree, lake landscape, lake, forest, woodland landscapes landscapes, uae, fujeirah, woman, abaya lane laughter law society life lifeafterloss, tribute, memories, rainbowbaby light light-trails lighthouse lighting lightning line lines, architecture photography lingerie lion,big,cat,portrait,barbary lion,big,cat,portrait,barbury lions lisbon little girl local runner location loch london london borough of sutton london fashion week end london,skyline,bigben,parliament,westminster, long e long exposure look looking louvre,museum,paris,france,travel,night,reflections love love caught on camera low key low key, classic, maternity, timeless low-key maasai maasaimara macro macro, close-up, bumble bee, bees, cactus, plant, insects, motion, flying, photograph, competition, societies of photographers, april, dave henshaw, photographer, macro, dragon fly magic, children love, siblings makingfire male manager manchester marbled white mars matas maternity maternity, backlighting , flowers , dream girl maternity, pregnancy, love, motherhood maternity, pregnancy, mother memory men playing snooker metallic miami,architecture,mimo microsculpture_nature_macro_stag_beetle midair mini,thruxton,sport minimal minimalist mist misty model model, pierhead building, cardiff, bay, mono, relaxed, iconic building moment moments mono mono, black and white, silouette, woman, monochrome monochrome, black and white, portrait monochrome,cows,texas moody moody, pre-teen, tween, blackandwhite, mono, daughter moorcrichel,beech,trees,mono mother and son, walking, scotland motorsport mountain mountainhare mountains movement, model, studio, gatsby, flapper tassel dress, charleston mural music nature nature, frost, plant, bush, garden, nature, waterfall, northern ireland netherlands new zealand newborn newborn baby newborn photography newborn photography, baby photography, northern ireland, belfast newborn twins, twin brother & sister, posed newborn newborn, baby, newborn, baby, family, love newborn, baby, northern ireland, belfast newborn. baby, family, love, digital art, artwork, monochrome newborn. baby, family, love, timeless image, artwork night lights night time nikon no pers norfolk north dock north downs way northern ireland northumberland norwich nose nostalgia nude, turquoise, dressing gown námaskarð old buildings old master dutch painting inspired old masters old masters style old soul old times onlocation orange orchard orchid original oswald outdoors outdoors,evening,landscape outside oystercatcher, mull, scotland, nature, wildlife, scottish wildlife, wader, bird painting palace panoramic paris party pastel, model,fabric,fallen, pebbles peekaboo lets hide peacock feather people pet pet portrait, pet photo, dog photo, dog pics, pet pics, studio pet portrait, studio dog portrait, cute dog photo pet portraits pet, dog, chihuahua, portrait, studio, side profile, character, james w fortune, pet, kitten, cat pet, river, scotland photograph photography photojournalistic picture frame pink dress pityoulish playful family plymouth photographer pole,dancing,monochrome, police poppies poppy flower pink floral garden porsche portrait portrait , b&w portrait acting freeze portrait photography portrait, avant guard, angelo, bianco, white, angel, white, face, creative, artistic, societies of photographers, photography, nikon, photographer, dave henshaw, uk, competition, april, model, portrait, beauty, model, photographer portrait, bird of \\prey portrait, black and white, woman, model, face, shadow portrait, boy, farm portrait, digital manipulation, studio portrait, environmental, falconer, harris hawk portrait, environmental, martial arts, gym portrait, environmental, politics, comedy portrait, horse, equine, portrait, location, woods, bluebells, red dress, lady portrait, photographer portrait, photographer, avant garde portrait, studio, belfast, northern ireland portrait, teenager, female, backlight portrait,rain,umbrella,couples,engagement,british,love,wedding portraits, fine art, art, portrait, portraiture portraiture&#039 portugal pose posure power lines, telegraph poles pretty pride fe pride festival processed projection pub,fine art,pictorial, puffin puffin, fighting, birds, auks, wildlife, nature, scotland, lunga, aggression puppet puppy, fun, ball pyrohex, performance, london tattoo convention queen ja ja,senedd,cardiff bay, queen ja ja,sovereign guards,millenium building,cardiff bay, queen ja ja,sovereign guards,senedd,cardiff bay, mutant fish, particle destroyer queens rain rapunzel inspired rare sunny day real wedding red red dress red, tulip, flora, flower, still life reflection reflection, london, city, monochrome reflections reportage retro rh&dr richard browne, 100m, diamond league, glasgow, hampden, athletics, track and field ripples river river mole roadracing robot rock rock chick rock face rocks rocky romance romance lake district romney_marsh rough running rust s bay s desert s portrait s tower s, cathedral, alley, london, holding, hands, marriage sadness sand sandeels sandy beach scenic scotland scottish, castles, exploring, children scottish, castles, exploring, glory sculpture sea sea goddess,makeover portrait, studio portrait, stylised studio portrait, themed portrait, beauty, glamour, sea wall sea_defences seascape seaside september 2017 serene severn bridge, mono,sunset, shade shadow shadows shame shearwater lake shingle gardens shoes siblings, newborn and sisters silent sister silhouette, child, sun, sunset, girl, outdoor, portrait simple sister sisters skies skipper skogafoss sky smile smoke, old, black, white, monochrome smooth snow leopard snow, plant, winder, bush, cold, macro, nature south georgia spain spain,beach,sunrise,puertodemazarron,colour spaniel spash_art speed spider, macro, digital, nauture, grass, colour, sport sport, event, silverstone race circuit, cycling, race sporting sports, baseball, spring spring light springer springlight sri_lanka: ladies st mary&#039 stain glass staircase stairs, mono, architectural, b&w, modern, brutalist, architecture steam steepness stepping stones still life stone stonehaven storm strange strathspey street street photography streetphotography strike a pose stroll studio studio portrait, family portraits studio portrait, girl portrait, old masters style portrait, medieval portrait, themed studio portrait studio, athletes studio, portrait, beauty, fine art, photography studio, portrait, daughter, blue eyes, style suit sultry summer sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine surrey surrey hills aonb sweat sweet tamron tasmania tea-rooms terrain the old rectory the pilgrims way the societies the societies monthly image competition the societies monthly image competition 2017 the societies&#039 the wandle theme thistle throwing tie titanic tommy tourism tower traditional train tranquility travel travel, landscape, waterfall, mexico, nature travel, portrait, black and white, b&w, male, man, culture, indigenous travel, sunset, fishing travellers trees trio tuxedo twins, baby, love, digital art twisted circus uae, sands, camels, herders, three uk&#039 uncle bob united unity uphill upside down urban vacation valentines van vehicle veil venue vintage volkswagen voorburg vunerability walking wall picture water water_collision waterfall waverleystation wayne brown&#039 weather wedding wedding black&white moment veil wedding fun, photojournalistic moment. wedding photographer, weddings, swansea, oldwalls wedding, art, black and white wedding, art, black and white, photojournalism wedding, avant garde, concrete, future wedding, beach, ocean, destination, wedding, brides dress, page boy, marriage wedding, bridge wedding, couple, weddingday, bride, groom, flowers, bouquet, wedding dress, dress, wedding, dance, firstdance, couple, reception, wedding, reception wedding, sillhouette, couple, bride, groom, black&white, blacknwhite, wedding, woodhall manor, suffolk, essex wedding photographer, bride, elegant wedding,cool,jump,chester,mercure hotel weddingday wellerbruck rapids, austria, kayak, adidas sickline, race wem whaling whaling ship what does break me, make me stronger x whisky white white horse wild wildflower medow wildflowers wildlife wildlife, monochrome, hare, mountain hare, scotland, blackandwhite, portrait, close-up wind window windsor wing winter winterlight woman woman,church,dress women wood wren, bird, scotland, heather, purple, highlands wrought-iron-railings xabia young_man: 19: portrait young_man: chest young_man: monochrome zebra, animal, south affr
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Monthly Image Competition Rules and Guidelines | Category Definitions

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